Best recommended apk file download sites

Best recommended apk file download sites

As smartphone users, of course, apk is not foreign to us, this kind of application can indeed be easily downloaded through various platforms, one of which is Google PlayStore. even so, sometimes there are some obstacles that make many users avoid using the playstore, ranging from blocking constraints, apk versions, device support for the apk, or other reasons that make smartphone users prefer to use outside parties as solutions for application needs on their devices such as apk provider site. For those of you who experience these problems, here are some recommended apk files download sites that you can try.

  • APK Mirror

First there is the APKMirror website, this is a popular alternative for people when looking for apk files. The owners and operators of this application have also guaranteed that the files downloaded from this site are guaranteed safe, and there are also several verifications that the apk must pass before it is released. With the layered security of the APKMirror site and security for each apk is definitely guaranteed, so if you are looking for an apk in the form of a MOD unfortunately please stay away because you will definitely not get it on this site.

  • APK Pure

With SHA1 security standards and Cryptographic signatures being a security benchmark for APKPure, so if there is any trouble with the apk actually APKPure will not release that apk to their site. The advantage of APKPure is that if you prefer an old version of the apk, you can download it directly and turn off the auto update so you don’t need to go back to the newest version later. Just like APKMirror, you won’t get the MOD APK version here.

  • APK Store
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Maybe those two sites above are enough to cover the shortcomings of the Playstore problems you have faced, but for you who has problems on those two sites you can run to APK Store. Its security is also guaranteed, even though it is not as sophisticated as APKMirror or APKPure, but it can still be said to be safe if you download applications from this site.

  • Aptoide

For now on, Aptoide has 200 million active users and there are 6 billion more downloads there, this site is also one of the initiators of cryptocurrencies technology including the using of AppCoins as the payments system in this site. It’s quite different from the 3 sites above which don’t provide apk mod version, so for those of you who like to root smartphones and want to find mod application version, Aptoide can be one of your references.

That’s some apk files download sites that you can try, some of which do look very safe considering the layered security system and has received official certification of course. but as a reminder, google playstore is still the best choice and if you want to keep getting apk from outside parties then you have to bear all the risk yourself including for a number of apk with available mod versions.

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