How to make a signed apk in android studio

How to make a signed apk in android studio

Smartphone users nowadays are very numerous, especially for users of the Android device itself which can be said to have dominated compared to iOS which is actually the other best choice of operating system on smartphone devices today. Of course, the selection of Android is based on several advantages it has, for example from the availability of applications that are very easy to obtain from various provider platforms such as Google Playstore and a number of other apk download sites. So that Android users are definitely familiar with APK files, the existence of files that can work on or can be installed on the Android operating system and the Apk itself stands for Android PackKage. If you are familiar with making android applications, of course you are familiar with this word. On the other side, in Android Studio, we can directly use the application that we created on our AVD emulator or our Android smartphone. But did you know that the application you are making is still in a debug state? Which means that the application we are using is still in development status or in the development stage, and this actually is not recommended by Google. Therefore we have to change the state of our application from development to production status to make it able to be uploaded on the Google Play Store, or in other words that you should make signed apk to meet the requirements of playstore. Then how to make a signed apk in android studio? Don’t worry because it’s not that hard to do, and now to create a signed apk file with the production status you can follow these easy steps.

  1. In Android Studio select the Build menu -> Generate Signed APK.
  2. In the Generate Signed APK Wizard window, click Create New to create a keystore, but if you have already created this keystore of course you do not need to do this step.
  3. In the New Key Store window, fill in the requested data, then click OK. Make sure the password you use is noted down, don’t forget it because this is very important.
  4. After that, the Generate Signed Apk window will appear and it has been filled with the data we entered earlier. Then click Next.
  5. In the next window, the APK Destination Folder, you can specify where the APK file will be generated.
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After all the steps above you have completed correctly, now your application has met the requirements from Google to be uploaded on their platform and can be downloaded by other smartphone users via the Playstore. Those are some easy steps that you can take to make your own application and publish it through Google playstore, as a developer of course you will really need official certification such as meeting the requirements determined by the playstore provider itself and hopefully this article can answer your questions about how to make signed apk in android studio.

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