How to Mod apk apps

How to Mod apk apps

Modification as referred to as MOD is a politician or original application that’s modified and developed by a 3rd party or unofficial developer that basically changes the official application, in order that it’s additional features and a few of them are even ready to change something that ought to be paid becoming free. Even farther, the modification of the appliance is within the sort of changing some system files like adding, editing, or deleting so on produce a MOD version with different features and tends to be superior to the first version developed by the official developer.

Applications that are modified in such how by programmers or hackers, mostly have the aim of unlocking premium features or making paid features free for all users, in order that it’ll harm the official developers. The Mod application itself consists of two kinds that we all know of, first the MOD which underwent slight modifications like bypassing the limit or trial in order that can be used in full, along with many changes that usually might be immediately visible from the appearance in the application which is clearly very different from the original version.

How Can Applications Be Modified into Modded apk apps?

The answer is clear because the operating system of Android itself is application-based, even from the beginning it has been agreed that the application system that includes Android has an Open Source base for the operating system.

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This is the reason why many developers and other vendors are trying to modify the existing system in the application. Even so, sometimes there are also a number of official application owners, especially large ones such as Mobile Legend games, or PUBG and Free Fire, who don’t want to stay silent by continuing to improve systems that have been considered too weak or can be penetrated by other parties, no exception by following up on players or users who are caught using Mod Cheats. Moreover, if an Application Mod contains paid items and is made free, or gets large amounts of diamonds without spending a penny, then this kind of action will not be left alone by the owner of the official application.

Well, here we describe the stages of how to Mod apk apps usually made by a developer or even programmer:

  1. Decompiler

Well, generally the first step they do is to decompile the finished application or extract it so that it brings up a lot of data that is ready to be modified.

  1. Disassembly

At the next stage they will usually change or recode the libgame function, of course if you want to be able to make a mod version then you have to know all the code from every part of the original application. What is certain is that this stage is definitely not easy especially if you do not understand at all about the basic programming system.

  1. Patching

The steps above are indeed not the last because sometimes the code file that has been replaced will still not be able to make significant changes and conditions like this require a programmer to replace the original code file with a new one according to the code that was previously created during the disassembly process.

  1. Recompile

The final step is the step that converts a set of part files into a compiler form that can be executed directly by them.

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