Some tools to get source code from android APK

Some tools to get source code from android APK

Creating an Android application is not always easy, at least it requires skills in the Java programming to realize that. But, is there a possibility to re-edit the android apps? This common question is always asked by new developer or someone who has learned about java programming software and fortunately the answer is yes or some apps could be re-edited or even redirected. But remember that not all the programs can be re-edited since every programs use their each programming language, and for android applications itself it is likely that you can edit most of those existing apps you find by getting the source code from the apps.

By transferring something to the application components, at least you have to understand Java programming so it won’t make you confused later and of course you will need desktop computer to do this since using other android smartphone apk doesn’t always make good result for your projects. Here are some tools that can be used to get source code or decompile the code of the android apps.

  • APKTool

Let’s start from the commonly used apk that is called APKTool, this is an application that might be used by many people who wants to re-edit or develop the android app with ease. This app becomes very popular since the functions itself that is very easy to understand and can be used to advanced need, for example you can re-edit the theme or the icon from other apps and rebuild it into your personal apps. But, some cases that is not completely done can be causes bad condition such as bootloop or boot animation that doesn’t allow you to enter the home screen on your smartphone. Besides, the decompile process will take a little longer depending on the components from the application itself, so that most people use this apk just to switch the SystemUI only.

  • DExplorer
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If you just want to learn and know the source code of an apk extension file without damaging those applications, DExplorer should be the answer of your need. You can use this app to open and find out the source code of other applications that you have installed on your Android smartphone, but actually you can’t change those since DExplorer can only display the other application source code without editing any code.

  • Online decompiler

For some purposes maybe you will need this automatic tool that can be accessed easily than installing any other decompiler apk on your smartphone, this is an android apk file extension online decompiler that can realize your wants to get source code from other apks. It is very easy to use, you can access the website firstly such as, or other decompiler sites that can be found easily on the internet. Just put the file with apk extension you want, upload, and decompile. Wait a minute and here you go, the source code is ready and you can use those as your own apk projects if you need.

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