How to Install and Uninstall Android Apps Through ADB

How to Install and Uninstall Android Apps Through ADB

Android Debug Bridge or better known as ADB is a useful tool for Android components, or simply can be called as a Command Line Interface or CLI to all Android devices. ADB can be used for many things, one of which is to unlock the bootloader or even root access. All the commands are the same, but with difference methods. However, using ADB can also be used to install or uninstall the app on your android operating system devices.

Although installing or uninstalling applications can be very easy if you do this right from the phone settings, but for some devices with android basic operating system it will need more treatment by using ADB, such as Set Top Box that actually used for most of TV display now on.

  • Installing an app through ADB

Believe it or not, this is actually almost the same as installing application manually without Play Store, when you have downloaded the APK file from the internet and installed those application on your android smartphone. Firstly, move the app files to drive C:/ then rename it to x.apk and please connect your device with USB by turning on USB Debugging feature that can be found in Developer Settings options on your android smartphone.

Now on the computer, open Command prompt or CMD in the ADB directory, then type the following command to install the application: adb install C:\a.apk and if the process already complete then your application must be installed successfully. But for some fail cases using this way, it could be your devices is not detected yet by the ADB and the solution is to type the ADB Command devices again to make sure it appears perfectly.

  • Uninstalling an app through ADB
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This method is almost the same as installing process you’ve done before, but to uninstall the app through ADB you have to notice the package name of your application that you want to remove from the device, since it is impossible to uninstall the app without knowing the name of the app itself because it won’t be able to write and find from the installed applications list. So, to do this you have to type on the following command: adb shell pm list packages

Find the applications based on the package name to be uninstalled manually then type this command to uninstall the app: adb uninstall’s name according the package name application. The uninstalling might be proceed so much faster than the installation process.

From those step you will know that ADB is a useful tool to install and uninstall apps on android basic operating system devices, but actually you have to set the device on USB Debugging feature by connecting it to a Desktop PC or Laptop. The installation process must be taken longer time to make it 100% installed perfectly, than uninstalling process that only needed a few seconds to be done through ADB. Some cases might be found and hope this article can solve your problem.

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