Online payment of Citibank credit cards

Online payment of Citibank credit cards

The credit card payment by Credit Card Via IMS / NEFT is one of the commonly used methods for making payments from non-citibank savings or current accounts. Citibank Credit Cardholders who wish to erase their outstanding credit card using funds from other bank accounts can use one of the transfer facilities based on their payment due date. If you make a payment on the due date, choosing IMS would be a SAGE option because the transfer of funds occurs instantly while the NEFT payment takes a little more time for treatment. As both options are available in most net bank accounts, you can make your Citibank credit card payments without leaving your convenience.

Citibank also provides its credit card customers with several ways to pay their credit card bill using Citibank account and also another bank account. Knowing several payment channels would help you pay your time bills in case you can not use the same old method as you used to pay your Citibank credit card bill. Listed below are three simple methods of online payment of Citibank credit cards you can try.

  • Permanent instructions in your online Citibank account

If you have a Citibank account with the net banking service, you can opt for a permanent instruction feature, which allows you to configure a permanent statement on your account to pay your Citibank credit card bill at the due date. each month. You will have an option to choose to pay the minimum amount due or the total amount due to the installation. Once the Bank approves that you are put in place, your Citibank credit card bill will be paid automatically each month from your CITI savings account. However, make sure you have sufficient funds in the account to avoid the failure of payment.

  • Neft money transfer
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If you do not have a Citibank savings account, you can use any other bank account to pay your Citibank credit card bill. All you need to have access to your savings account to your savings account and you are willing to pay your Citibank credit card bill using the NEFT option.

To pay you a credit card invoice using Neft, log in to your net bank account, select Funds Transfer, add your CITIBANK card as a beneficiary and make the payment. When adding your credit card as a payroll, mention the printed name on the map as a beneficiary name, credit card number as an account number, bank name as Citibank, Code IFSC CITI000000003 and branch address like Chennai.

  • Credit card payment via BillDesk

BillDesk is another simple way to make your credit card payment Citibank from any other bank account. All you need to have access to the internet banking access to your bank account. Thanks to Billdesk, you do not have to add a beneficiary, you must simply provide the details of the credit card and the name of the bank from which you wish to make the payment. Then you will be directed to the gateway of each bank’s payment system for the process of completing your payment.

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